Load image into Gallery viewer, A Sato tenkara rod set.

                Load and play video in Gallery viewer, Complete Set: SATO™ Rod + Kit

                Load and play video in Gallery viewer, Complete Set: SATO™ Rod + Kit

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Complete Set: SATO™ Rod + Kit

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Complete Set: SATO™ Rod + Kit

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Complete Set: SATO™ Rod + Kit
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Complete Set: SATO™ Rod + Kit

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A complete tenkara set including the best-selling tenkara rod on the market. The adjustable Sato can be fished at 10’8”, 11’10”, or 12’9”. Rod includes a case and woven sock. The starter kit comes with a Keeper™, 11'6" Nylon Tapered Line, 3 tenkara flies, a spool of tippet, forceps and nippers. All for only $300. Everything you need to tenkara fish, except for a fishing license and water.

People searching for Teton, Mizuchi, Hellbender and other adjustable tenkara rods usually buy the Sato, the best-selling adjustable tenkara rod in the market, for the Sato's premium performance, and Tenkara USA's reputable customer service and Lifetime Guarantee.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
K.G. (Fairbanks, US)
I like using my tenkara gear to catch: Smaller size fish (say 8-12" / 20-30cm), Medium size fish (12-16" / 30-40cm)
I like using my tenkara rod in: Mountain streams, Larger streams or rivers, Stillwater, Backpacking and remote waters

New to Tenkara. Took it out today for the first time. No fish yet, too much snow melt and ice still breaking up, but it was still a beautiful day to practice the cast and technique with an assortment of flies. The rod worked well with the flies I practiced with. I am definitely looking forward to C&R some trout and grayling this summer!

Jason Cvach
Fantastic Tenkara Rod!

I purchased this rod for a trip to the Smokies in August 2020. I was traveling with my wife and 4 young kids so I needed to pack light. Since that trip, it has been the only rod I have fished. It's so easy to get it in the backpack for a family hike. I can be set up and casting in under two minutes. It was perfect for the smokies and it's the first rod I've been grabbing for the Gunpowder here in MD. I fish it mainly fully extended but fish it smaller on some local tributaries. It fishes well at every length and the quality is excellent! It's so light and easy to cast that my sons (5 and 7) have no problem at all casting for bluegill at the local reservoir. It has been so nice to simplify my fishing and my packing list. I've enjoyed being on the water with this rod so much over the past 3 months. I got the package and the flies, line, nippers, forceps, and tippet were a great added value. I highly recommend the package and especially the SATO.

Amazing Versatile Rod Set

This Sato set was my first foray into Tenkara it has been an absolute game changer for me. Before this I was using a spinning rod and carrying 10+ lbs of fishing gear with me on every expeditions. Now all I bring is this rod and a little baggie of flies and line that can fit in my pocket. I usually fish the Sierra Navada streams and the lake shores with great success. I've caught fish ranging from a couple ounces to a couple pounds, always a fun fight!

ray petrosky
Sato is a versitile rod

Bought the Sato rod package to travel light and fast on waters I once took mass amounts of gear to fish with. Wanted to simplify my fishing experience. So much less to think of while chasing brem and small mouth in the creeks and smaller rivers around me near Cleveland, Ohio. Im able to put myself into the moment and get one with my experience by simplifying the setup... I have reconnected with fishing on a basic level and brought so much more reward and passion back to my fishing experiences now... Thanks for the great products!

Nick Przybysz
The rod I always carry in my truck

I discovered Tenkara when backing a kickstarter project for another company developing a backpack style rod. (Tenkara Rod Co.) I loved the style of fishing so much I began to research other rods to see if there was a difference in feel between them. I had seen the Tenkara USA products before and even had some of the level line and line holders before I pulled the trigger on a rod, so I knew that the products were already quality.

What makes this rod so awesome is that it really 3 different rods. The "zoom" style of this rod allows you to quickly change the length of the rod. I usually fish with a 12-14 ft line and doing so on this rod gives me a ton of options. First off, changing the length of the rod gives it a different action or feel. The shortest length gives is a faster action, while the longest length gives it a slower feel. I personally love fishing it at its longest length. I will switch it to a shorter length when I want to fish a spot a little closer to me but dont really want to move and disturb the hole.

These rods pack down small and make it easy to leave in your car to fish anytime or bring backpacking. They set up fast so you are ready to fish while your buddy is still feeding line through his rod (means you get the better fishing hole first!!)

Bottom line is this is a great all around rod that I would recommend for the beginner or the advanced Tenkara angler.

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