Load image into Gallery viewer, RHODO™ 8'9"/9'9"/10'6" (adjustable)

                Load image into Gallery viewer, RHODO™ 8'9"/9'9"/10'6" (adjustable)

                Load image into Gallery viewer, RHODO™ 8'9"/9'9"/10'6" (adjustable)

                Load image into Gallery viewer, RHODO™ 8'9"/9'9"/10'6" (adjustable)

                Load image into Gallery viewer, RHODO™ 8'9"/9'9"/10'6" (adjustable)

                Load image into Gallery viewer, RHODO™ 8'9"/9'9"/10'6" (adjustable)

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RHODO™ 8'9"/9'9"/10'6" (adjustable)

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    Walking down the bank, you notice a trout hanging in the current. It's oblivious to your presence. You rig your tenkara rod, look up and realize the stream is choked with overhanging limbs. You extend the rod, but in this case you don't extend it all the way, just to the first setting under 9ft in length. You cast and catch the fish. 

    For these situations we developed the Rhodo™, a rod that can be fished short when things get tight, or longer when the stream opens up. 

    The Tenkara USA Rhodo is the lightest feeling tenkara rod we make. With several years of design experience under our belt and feedback from our users, we feel we have achieved what we set out to do: give you a rod that is super light-weight, durable, versatile and feels very precise. We wanted to design a rod that would make it easy to answer "which tenkara rod should I get if I mostly fish very small streams?”

    The Rhodo has two patent pending features:
    Triple-zoom: this allows you to use the rod at three different lengths 8'10" / 9'9" / 10'6"= 270/297/320cm. Since we began Tenkara USA people have been asking for a sub-9ft tenkara rod. We felt that a short rod could come in handy in some cases but for the most part anglers would miss the advantage that comes from fishing with a long tenkara rod. So, we developed a rod that could be the best of both worlds: short when you need it, long when you want it!

    Keep your Plug™ (patent pending): We're very excited about this very simple yet innovative feature. After hearing that no one has ever been able to keep their tenkara rod plug for longer than a year we decided we should find a solution for you to never lose your plug again: the Keep your plug system. Tenkara USA's rods are the only rods in the market with this feature. Next time you go fishing, remove the plug from the top end of your rod and insert it into the hole at the bottom of your rod. The Rhodo will come with two plugs on the rod; please leave one at home in case you ever need it.

    Weight: 2.1 oz (59.5 g)
    Closed length: 21" (53.3cm)
    Open lengths: 
    8'10" / 9'9" / 10'6"= 270/297/320cm*
    Handle length: 9" (22.9cm)
    Segments: 8

    * There may be slight discrepancies in their extended length of tenkara rods*

    People searching for Sierra, White Cloud, Mini, and short tenkara rod often buy this rod.

    1% For The Planet Logo (Gray)
    1% of the sale value of this item will be donated to conservation efforts.
    U.S. & foreign patents pending.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews
    I like using my tenkara gear to catch: Smaller size fish (say 8-12" / 20-30cm), Medium size fish (12-16" / 30-40cm), Trout
    I like using my tenkara rod in: Very small streams, Mountain streams
    mountain streams far from the road.

    Still one of my favorite rods for small mountain streams. I have used this rods for years both guiding and when fishing by myself. Just picked up another one for my 5 year old.

    Perfect in the Whites

    The Rhodo has proven itself to be the perfect rod for fishing the headwater streams I like to explore in New Hampshire's White Mountains. The versatility of this rod has been key to accessing the pocket waters of the most remote spots. It casts wonderfully, adjustment is seamless, and catching even the smallest brookie is a blast. It has survived the abuses of a novice angler and come out no worse for wear. If you like to get away from the crowds and enjoy the quiet of the deep woods, the Rhodo is the perfect enhancement for your wilderness experience.

    Joshua, we are thrilled you found the Rhodo to be the perfect tenkara rod for fishing headwaters. We designed it to be versatile in that environment and we are glad you agree. It is a great tenkara rod for beginners too, and we are glad it has taken the abuse well =)

    New Tenkara Addict

    I now have some TUSA rods and just started Tenkara fishing. Tenkara fishing with the Rhodo is AMAZING!!! So light, smooth, effortless and easy to cast. My dad and I were on our first outing and he even picked it up with ease at 79 years old and has two rods (Rhodo and Hane) himself. I can drop a fly with such a natural fall and with ease into the smallest places and I am able to cast overhead or sideways in tight spots and under overhanging limbs, either left handed (normal) or right handed like it’s a natural born trait. I am completely hooked on Tenkara thanks to a good buddy introducing me to it. I have no idea when I will pick up a regular fly rod again. It will be awhile I do know that.

    Great Small Stream Rod

    I love my Rhodo! Fishes great at any length. The rod to have for tight quarters. If things get tighter, go to shorter length. Well balanced at all lengths.

    Great small stream rod

    The Rhodo is the little sister of the Sato, but this little sister is no wallflower. The zoom feature allows you to adapt to almost any small stream and yet as small and light as it is, I have never felt that it lacked backbone. I use it almost exclusively with level line and the feel is excellent. If you fish mainly smaller water, this is your rod.