Load image into Gallery viewer, ITO™ 13' / 14'7" (adjustable)

                Load image into Gallery viewer, ITO™ 13' / 14'7" (adjustable)

                Load image into Gallery viewer, ITO™ 13' / 14'7" (adjustable)

                Load image into Gallery viewer, ITO™ 13' / 14'7" (adjustable)

                Load image into Gallery viewer, ITO™ 13' / 14'7" (adjustable)

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ITO™ 13' / 14'7" (adjustable)

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    The Ito is the longest rod in our lineup. We strived to achieve a very long rod, with the lightest possible feel. A true delight to fish on any mountain stream, the Ito will be most at home in wider streams, larger rivers and ponds. It is the main rod we like to recommend for those who fish more open streams. The Ito feels incredibly light at 13ft, as the balance is brought closer to the handle, and still very fishable at 14ft7in.

    Listen to a podcast episode on what makes the Ito the favorite rod of many experienced tenkara anglers:

    Special Features: The Ito features an innovative "zoom" function, which allows the angler to lock one segment in place to fish the rod either at 13ft (390cm) length or, fully extended, at 14ft7in (450cm). The zoom locks both at the butt of the rod with a proprietary cap, and at the end of the handle segment. Having a rod that can be instantly extended an extra 2ft is a true asset in any mountain stream, even some of the smaller streams. A killer combination with a very long line in a large stream, or with a shorter line in a small stream. This is by far the most versatile rod we offer.

    We used the highest possible quality cork for the handle and only the finest components to make this our premium rod. The finish is also superb, being a matte black with a gradient dark blue block at the end of each segment.

    *Rod lengths may vary slightly from indicated due to the telescopic nature of the rods.*

    Length:13ft - 14ft7in
    Finish:Matte Black with dark blue sections
    Segments:9 (can be fished as 8)
    Closed length:25.8inches (65.53cm)
    Handle length:12inches (30.48cm)
    Weight: 4.1oz (116g) - Made in China

    People searching for "Long tenkara rods", tenkara rods for large streams, nirvana, teton, often purchase the Ito tenkara rod for Tenkara USA's high quality tenkara gear, our Lifetime Warranty, and renowned customer support. 

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    1% of the sale value of this item will be donated to conservation efforts.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    I like using my tenkara gear to catch: Smaller size fish (say 8-12" / 20-30cm)
    I like using my tenkara rod in: Very small streams
    Trout Streams

    Excellent rod! In the month I have owned my Ito it has performed flawlessly from Washington to Wisconsin! I’ll be buying one for my wife very soon.

    I like using my tenkara gear to catch: Larger size fish (16-20" / 40-50cm)
    I like using my tenkara rod in: Very small streams, Mountain streams

    I have been fishing the Ito for some time now and find it to be the best and most diverse rod in my collection. On very small streams I often fish a shorter rod, but in most situations I find the extra length to be very helpful in presentations. The ability to reach out to pocket water and get a good drift is unequaled by the longer Ito rod. I actually carry 2 of them now so I can easily switch from sub-surface fishing to dry flies quickly and easily. Wonderful rod.

    I like using my tenkara gear to catch: Smaller size fish (say 8-12" / 20-30cm), Medium size fish (12-16" / 30-40cm), Larger size fish (16-20" / 40-50cm), Trout, Other species
    I like using my tenkara rod in: Very small streams, Mountain streams, Larger streams or rivers
    mountain streams

    I’ve grown to love my Sato but I find myself on larger streams these days—the Truckee, Upper Sac near Dunsmuir, the East Walker. I purchased the Ito so I could reach further across the steam. While I have not yet put it to use on running water, I have taken it to my local bass pond, and have had lots of fun catching bluegill and crappie. It’s sensitive enough for the juvenile bluegill, and I’m confident that it will handle 18”+ browns in fast water. For its length, its light! I choke up on the handle to lever the butt against my forearm for support; I’m sure I can handle a large fish this way.

    It’s a joy to use.

    Absolute Beauty

    Although this rod was recently stolen out of my truck, I can say that it was a delight to fish! I owned a Hane and was breaking off with some larger trout on the Missouri. I reached out to Tenkara USA and they recommended the Ito. Of course I bought it and immediately fell in love. The extendable section is surprisingly useful. I was shortening and lengthening it at every turn in the creek and HOLY COW, was this perfect. Trees? Shorten it. Clear and open? Extend!
    I highly recommend this rod for an adverse fisherman that pushes through the untouched river. Someone that appreciates the versatility of a creeks to the expansive river. If you’re that person, this is the rod for you!

    Sorry your tenkara rod got stolen Matt! Indeed, the Ito is a terrific tenkara rod for those larger fish. Thanks for trusting our tenkara rods and our brand!


    I recently was able to pick up a used Ito on a Tenkara Trading post site. I had my doubts about fishing and casting a rod of this size 14’7”. I just returned from a trip up to the eastern sierras and fished 2 full days with my Ito. My set up was a 12.5 furled line with a 3-4 Ft tippet. I fished the upper Owens which is a decent size River in width at certain bends in the river. It was windy so my casting was slightly effected. After a few casts I was able to figure out a way to make repeated lengthy casts to the opposite ends of the river. I extended the Ito to its 14’ 7” and would let the water load my line and sideways cast back upstream. I’m sold on the Ito and it’s ability to obtain further reach. If your debating on this rod buy it and give it a try. If it doesn’t serve your needs Tenkara USA will take it back.