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Tenkara USA's 15-foot Tapered Line: More Reach, Same Quality

Tenkara USA's 15-foot Tapered Line: More Reach, Same Quality

Tenkara USA is pleased to extend our selection of tapered tenkara lines. We’re adding a 15-foot furled tapered line to our existing assortment of 9-foot, 11-foot, and 13-foot options, offering anglers more reach on the water.

Excellent Size for Larger Streams and Still Waters

Our new 15-foot furled tapered line upholds the quality and durability you’ve come to expect from Tenkara USA’s furled lines. It’s an excellent option for larger streams and still waters, providing the extra reach when you need it.

Thoroughly Tested for Optimized Performance

We spent years testing this line before deciding it was time to release it. While it’s a bit heavier for traditional tenkara presentations where all casting line is held off the water, it excels in long tight line applications, such as fishing a pulsed fly or swinging/skating a fly.

Versatile in Different Fishing Conditions

I’ve found this longer line particularly useful for sight fishing in local bass ponds, where its subtle color and precision casting are beneficial. The 15-foot furled line performs equally well when casting to high mountain lake cutthroats in crystal clear water.

Great for Windy Days and Dry Fly Fishing

The line also handles well in windy conditions. I typically let some of the casting line into the water to anchor it. Like our other furled lines, this one is slightly denser than water, so it sinks slowly without dragging down a western dry fly during normal presentations. It’s an effective tool for dry fly fishing on large western rivers like the Madison and Gallatin.

Long Tippets Turned Over with Ease

The 15-foot furled line turns over long tippets easily. I usually pair this line with 4 or 5 feet of tippet from the tippet ring to the fly. But feel free to adjust the tippet length to suit your fishing style and conditions.

Try Our Longest Line Yet

We’re confident you’ll appreciate the reach and versatility of our new 15-foot line. Click here to learn more about this line, and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions.