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Tenkara Line Holder

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    The tenkara line holder is a simple plastic spool with a core of yellow foam used to trap the line after you wind it. Made by Meiho, in Japan. It accommodates tenkara level lines and tenkara tapered lines, and it can be slid onto the handle for transport. 

    Tips for a better experience using the blue tenkara line holder:

    1. Keep winding the line until you get close to the tip of the rod, do not stop halfway to remove line twisting. Keeping on winding the line will eventually cause the rod tip to spin freely and automatically get rid of line twisting. 
    2. It is quicker to wind the line around the spool rather than spin the spool to wind the line. Hook your finger through the middle to hold the spool securely while wrapping the line.

    Does not include line.

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