Why tenkara?

Tenkara is appealing for several reasons, especially: simplicity, intuitiveness, high effectiveness that stems from the drag-free drifts and terrific presentations allowed by the long tenkara rod and line tenkara line, pin-point accurate casting, portability, and fun.

Tenkara anglers are often initially attracted and enjoy the simplicity in the method, which uses only a rod, line and fly. But, simplicity wouldn't mean much without it being effective. Developed by professional anglers in the mountain streams of Japan, tenkara is an incredibly effective method of fly-fishing. That effectiveness primarily stems from the ability to keep the line off the water at a long distance, with the fly on the other side of multiple currents and the line not being dragged by the currents. Furthermore, tenkara anglers primarily fish with a tight line as they present the fly, making it easy to hook and land a fish.

tenkara anglers enjoy simplicity and effectiveness

Intuitiveness is another reason people enjoy tenkara. There is no need to spend a lot of time learning how to cast. With tenkara, you learn how to quickly rig your system (line to rod, tippet to line, and tippet to fly), learn how to cast within minutes and then are able to focus on the experience of fly-fishing, and on learning the most important aspects of fly-fishing: identifying where fish will be and properly presenting the fly to them.

And of course, with rods that are ultra-portable and a need for minimal equipment, tenkara lends itself very well to taking along on adventures such as hiking, backpacking, packrafting and much more. 

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