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Fly fishing with less stuff.

Only a rod, line & fly™

Meet Our Rods


Our lightest & most-compact rod yet, the UKIYO™ redefines what it means for a rod to be "adventure-ready".


Lightweight, adjustable-length & packed with functionality? It's our best seller for a reason.


Compact enough to tuck away, and built to handle the elements, it's a backpacker's best friend.


Triple-zoom rod with extra strength & length for anglers chasing larger fish on larger waters.


A Tenkara USA® Classic, offering all-around performance & unbeatable value in a proven package.


Our longest non-zoom rod, offering the range to cast further & the strength to finish the job.


Our longest rod, extending up to 450cm, the ITO™ offers unmatched range in open water.


Short when you need it, long when you want it—it's is our effort to provide the perfect small-stream companion.

Tenkara is far more than a way of fishing—it’s a way of life.


Everything you need to get started with tenkara, all in one package.


Heavy enough to cast, light enough to float above the water.


Simple to tie, simply effective. The right fly for any occasion.


Tenkara is who we are.

In 2009, Tenkara USA® introduced tenkara to anglers outside of Japan for the first time. For the past fifteen years, we've been fully dedicated to bringing this traditional method of Japanese fly-fishing to those in pursuit of a simpler and more effective way to fly-fish mountain streams.

Why Tenkara?

Forget all the jargon and complicated gear—tenkara’s effectiveness stems from the simple combination of a long rod, and light line.

How to Choose a Rod

We've carefully crafted our collection of tenkara rods over the years to provide you the perfect tool, wherever your fishing takes you.

Perfect your fishing performance with our fly fishing accessories.

Tenkara Kit


The Keeper™


Tapered Lines


12 Flies in Box


Fishing Cap


Fly-Weight Jacket



Browse the widest collection of tenkara knowledge.

We like to think of ourselves as more than just a tenkara rod company. We're as interested in sharing knowledge, tutorials, and the philosophy of tenkara as making great products.


Hours of tenkara technique.

Pinpoint accurate casts, the ability to keep line off the currents for drag-free presentations of the fly, the intuitive landing of fish—see for yourself the benefits of tenkara and everything you need to know to teach yourself how to tenkara fly-fish from our collection of over 100 videos.


Inspiring you to keep your fly-fishing simple.

Our podcast featuring stories, techniques and the philosophy of tenkara from the man who introduced tenkara to anglers outside of Japan.


The richest resource on tenkara anywhere.

Over a decade of advice, stories, and tutorials about using traditional Japanese tenkara rods and lines from our community of expert anglers.

Let satisfied tenkara anglers speak for us

Jason Klass

"The Ukiyo is an amazing amount of performance in an amazingly small package."

Vincent Schilleci

“I’ve been fly fishing for 20 years but I’m so happy to have found Tenkara! It removes all of the clutter and makes things simple! It’s a zen-like experience!”

John Montin

“Tenkara is so much fun and simple. No dragging all different types of equipment around. Tenkara USA customer service is world-class... the best!”

Gerry Verhoef

“I’m hooked! Tenkara is so much better than traditional fly rods. It’s simple, beautiful and effective. I take my Hane with me on my weekend’s a blast!”

Chris Johnson

"Well-balanced, responsive rod that fits the needs of most tenkara anglers and handles big fish with ease.”

Kevin Fricke

"The best light rod I have used. Love the balance and feel of the rod. Able to handle 14" fish. Great compact size."



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