Load image into Gallery viewer, AMAGO™ 13ft6in (410cm)

                Load image into Gallery viewer, AMAGO™ 13ft6in (410cm)

                Load image into Gallery viewer, AMAGO™ 13ft6in (410cm)

                Load image into Gallery viewer, AMAGO™ 13ft6in (410cm)

                Load image into Gallery viewer, AMAGO™ 13ft6in (410cm)
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AMAGO™ 13ft6in (410cm)

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    Named after one of Japan's most beautiful mountain stream trout, the Amago is our longest non-zoom rod at 13ft and 6inches long (410cm). Longer rods provide distinct advantages over shorter rods. Generally speaking, we recommend using the longest rod you can for the stream you are fishing.

    Based on the request of several tenkara anglers this rod has a black finish. The handle was meticulously designed to provide good counterbalance to the long rod and for extra comfort on a long day of casting your delicate line and fly . The wider end of the handle serves two purposes: it provides a slightly better counter balance to the rod, and serves as a good grip for using the full length of the rod.

    Length: 13ft 6in (410cm)
    NOTE: Due to the telescopic nature of the rods, and the fact that we rounded the numbers to have a clean metric-to-English conversion, rod lengths may vary slightly from indicated.
    Closed length: 21 1/8 inches (53.5cm) including cap
    Number of segments: 10
    Handle length: 11 inches (27.5cm)
    Weight: 3.5oz (100grams)
    Finish: Black

    Made in China with Japanese materials

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    1% of the sale value of this item will be donated to conservation efforts. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 63 reviews
    Jeffry Gottfried (Seattle, US)

    I love the simplicity and challenges of tenkara fishing. I have been fishing tenkara for as long as Tenkara USA has been in existence. As soon as I read a post about tenkara/tenkara usa , phoned Daniel Galhardo and told him about my work with Educational Recreational Adventures teaching outdoor skills and ecology to kids. He graciously offered to equip us with our first 10 rods (his prototypes) for $6.00 each). We were launched into the tenkara fishing guiding and teaching world! For approximately 10 years, Sam Vanderbeek and I taught upwards of 100 kids to fish tenkara through workshops, outings and camps. When their parents saw the kind of success their children, as young as 7 years old, we’re experiencing, they hired us to teach them. During this same time period, I traveled to Japan with a Japanese sister and law and fish with Yoshikazu Fujioka and learned so much from him. I became an “Authorized Tenkara Guide” through Tenkara USA, after having fished with Daniel and Dr Ishigoki in Boulder Cr at the Tenkara Summit.

    Christopher Dionigi (Chapel Hill, US)
    I like using my tenkara gear to catch: Smaller size fish (say 8-12" / 20-30cm)
    I like using my tenkara rod in: Stillwater
    It is simple to use for short casts.

    I bought this rod to work the shoreline for large mouth bass and sunfish from my fishing kayak. I can make multiple short accurate casts quickly without dealing with unneeded line and reels. By telescoping the rod in, I can easily reach the flies and poppers from a seated position.

    lewis litt (Miami, US)
    lakes canals

    First Tenkara rod. Feels great. Caught fish first day. Yep I'm hooked

    Elcho Greg (Elcho, US)
    I like using my tenkara gear to catch: Medium size fish (12-16" / 30-40cm), Larger size fish (16-20" / 40-50cm)
    I like using my tenkara rod in: Larger streams or rivers
    A local river

    My first fish on my Amago was a 16” river smallmouth. It was the first of over a dozen that day. Fun, fun, fun!

    The ice is forming on the lake now and my attention is now one ice fishing. What a fabulous way to end my open water fishing season!

    Scott Schill (Enterprise, US)
    I like using my tenkara gear to catch: Medium size fish (12-16" / 30-40cm), Trout
    I like using my tenkara rod in: Mountain streams, Larger streams or rivers, Stillwater
    I fish larger rivers and still water with my Amago and smaller mountain streams with my Rhodo

    I love my Amago for open water and larger fish. It has a great feel for the fight but it’s deceptively tough. I recently broke a Tenkara pole my brother in law loaned me attempting to land a large fish at Coffee Pot Rapids in Idaho. I replaced it with the Amago from Tenkara USA, which I should’ve used in the first place.