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Tenkara USA Strap Pack

Tenkara USA Strap Pack

Whether you are a fly fisherman that uses tenkara as a part of your toolbox or a dedicated tenkara minimalist, the Tenkara USA strap pack is an excellent organizational storage solution. I’ve been using one since they have been available. I use it for everyday fishing and for travel and on my last trip to Japan. It held all the pieces of kit that I needed for traveling for an extended stay.

I set mine up as a cross chest pack but have left the quick clip at the top to attach to a strap on a daypack or a belt. It’s highly versatile and I even use it for storage when I am just fishing out of my pockets. 

I really like it because it keeps everything in one spot and I am able to quickly assess if I have everything I need in just a few seconds.

My strap pack has gone through seasons of thought for ergonomics. I’ll detail a little more, just how I set mine up and what I’ve done with it.

For a cross body strap, I use a section of paracord with two loops on the ends that are terminated at the pack loops with a quick link (mallion rapide) This little piece of hardware allows multiple secure attachments and they are lightweight and strong, much stronger than the aluminum screw gates that I was using, better than tiny carabiners because the gates on a carabiner often will open and catch on things. I use a small “s-biner” to hold my tip cap that have the lillian loop. The quick links are also good for my tiny bear bell and also as an attachment point for my quick release tool (Ketchum Release on a retractor).

On the paracord I use a small length of micro cord to attach my nipper. I can adjust this micro cord with a prussic knot at any length. The nipper is stored by the short length of tether in the side pocket negating the use of a separate length of line for the nipper. I carry a small whistle that I could use with the same prussic knot but for a whistle, I choose to do a separate length of micro cord for my whistle.

In the main storage pocket, in the bottom is my whistle and two gripper pads to un-stick sections. I use a variety of fly boxes for my kebari and the Tenkara USA strap pack seems to swallow all medium sized boxes or there is room for two medium sized myran boxes or multiple small boxes.

On the outside slip pocket I carry two spools of premium fluorocarbon tippet in size .08 and .06

On the outside back slip pocket, I carry my card spools for my pre-rigged lines, I usually carry two of the same lines, I believe I may change this to two different lines in the future. In there I also carry a “Derf Needle Holder” which I have found over the years to be the best hook removal tool. I did a year of searching ALL surgical tools (I worked in surgery at the time) for the best tool, the Derf is what I came up with and many people also now use them.

There is a strap retention loop of material to keep the strap pack from flopping around when attached to a backpack strap. I use small nets when I am backpacking and I can stuff a net handle inside of this loop strap and my net is at the ready and held secure.

I’m super impressed with my strap pack. It is a part of my kit that serves multiple functions, organization, containment and it supports the tenkara minimalist philosophy that I am so impressed with. It is inexpensive yet it is invaluable in my practice of tenkara.

Every time I go fishing, it is with me, even if I am carrying a sling bag, day or backpacking pack, ultra-light or otherwise, it is always with me.