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Tenkara Net Auction

Tenkara Net Auction

You certainly heard about the tragic earthquake and tsunami</a> that swept through Japan.  I'm relieved to report that our tenkara teachers, friends and family are okay, but many others are not.

 In an effort to raise funds for the relief efforts that will be taking place in the coming days/weeks/months, I am auctioning off one of my very prized and extremely rare tenkara nets (tamo), made in Gujo by tamo master Ikichi-san. I feel greatly indebted to the people of Japan for teaching me about tenkara, and for always kindly welcoming me. 100% of the proceeds will go to the relief efforts.

I have written extensively about tenkara nets here Blog Tagged ‘tenkara net’.  I thought you, or someone you know may like the opportunity to acquire this one. 100% of the money raised will be sent to the relief efforts, and the bidder earns a one-of-a-kind net that is becoming rarer by the day. Please pass it on to anyone you feel would like a chance to bid.

Good luck with the bidding and than you for helping.

AUCTION (better pictures, and more info here): ebay

AUCTION (better pictures, and more info here): ebay

About tenkara nets:

Tenkara nets are a highly prized traditional craft, with very few remaining in the world. Tenkara nets are made from one single branch from a tree. The branch has to be found by the maker and must be just of the right diameters and angles. Finding the branch may take hours, but finding the unique ones is by chance and can be days or weeks. Every net is different, and the one for sale a masterpiece. This net has two naturally occuring bumps on the handle, which is quite unusual. The wood used to make this net is from the “Kaya” tree (Torrey nucifera), which only grows in a small portion of Japan and a couple of small territories nearby. This tree, like the net maker himself, is very rare too.

Functional Design: The angle between the frame and the hoop makes these not only beautiful, but extremely functional for small stream fishing. If someone was to design a net nowadays for stream fishing, he wouldn't come up with something better. The combination of a round handle with that angle allows the angler to put the net on your wading belt on your back and it stays off your back completely. When you catch a fish, you may press the handle behind your knee and work with both hands to release the fish. You may also leave it on your side, if you're fishing in deeper water with water to your waist. Though I suspect this net will become part of someone's collection. The end of the net features a deer antler. In Japanese angler superstition, it is said the deer antler protects a person in the water. It's an amulet for good luck and protection. Many nets feature this, it's a nice detail, but also serves the function of making it easier to slip it into your belt. The mesh is completely hand made, and very fine, which gently cradles the fish. The mesh holes are about 2mm.


Maker: Ikichi Wood type: Kaya (Torreya nucifera), made from one single branch. Finish: Urushi (lacquer) Color: Dark red Details: wood shows off at selected spots, beautiful. Acquired September 2010 Date made: unknown. There are very few net makers left in Japan (thus in the world), and these are very scarce. I hope this will find someone who appreciates it as much as I do. Thank you for helping spread the word. Daniel W. Galhardo Tenkara USA, founder