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Fishing Among Tenkara Friends

Fishing Among Tenkara Friends

Fishing Among Tenkara Friends
by TJ Ferreira

Had a great time this last weekend fishing with some of my tenkara friends. These are friends I have met in the last few years through tenkara and it was great to fish with all 3 of them for the first time. We already have a new trip planned soon but before that, I figured I would post some pictures that we have collected.

I met Trevor Tsegelke a couple years back while I was manning our show table at a local Fly Shop in Sacramento CA. He and his wife stopped by and introduced themselves. Little did I know that now a couple years later Trevor has helped us at numerous Fly Fishing Shows and has become a good local buddy now that I can share my tenkara excursions with.

Met Mike Willis this year and he was gratious enough to offer his time and services helping us at a couple Fly Fishing Shows. Now just months later he created a new Facebook group and all of a sudden, we are fishing together. Mike has been the stimulus in getting this little group started and appreciate his enthusiam in making this all happen.

Been meeting JD Smith at Fly Fishing Shows now for a couple years. Always nice to see him at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show and was a real treat to fish with him. He has been around tenkara long enough that he knows my story and is really cool to finally fish with him.

Mike, Trevor, and JD had already fished before at Putah Creek in California but I was invited to come play tenkara since I was finally finished with all the trade shows that have consumed most all us Tenkara USA employees time since Jan 1st. Really glad I was able to make it and lets tell a short story in pictures how the day went.

By the way…Mike Willis took many of these pictures and really captured the day we all had. Hopefully Mike, Trevor, and JD all post their thoughts on the day too. It was tons of fun and I can’t wait to fish again with them again.

If you have not already found local tenkara folks near you, well get off your rump and do so. They are out there but it takes a little push to get the balling rolling to get yourself fishing with them. I promise you will not regret meeting some of the coolest people on the planet and they share the same passion as you do for tenkara fly fishing.

Now get out their and create your own little tenkara story. Make sure to visit our forums at and post your stories and pictures there. We want to see how great of a time all you tenkara folks are having and a few words and a few pictures sure goes a very long way spreading the joys of tenkara.