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Baby Name: Tenkara

Baby Name: Tenkara
No, Margaret and I are not about to have a baby. And, no, we’re not talking about baby names yet either. Jason Klass of just shared this post of someone thinking of naming their kid “tenkara” via twitter. After tenkara license plates, and tenkara tattoos, I think naming a baby after tenkara is a logical next thing to happen.
I personally think it is a pretty cool name (keep in mind that I am biased, of course). If you look at it, it does have a cool ring to it and can be well pronounced in just about any language, which is one criteria I told Margaret we should use in naming our kids. It also means “from heaven”, so no bad meaning in Japanese or other languages I am familiar with. And, when someone asked the parents or the kid how they arrived at that name, there would be a pretty cool story to tell too plus a lot of free marketing . Who knows, the kid may even grow up to love tenkara fishing.
They are wondering if it could be a good boy’s name. I think if you live in Japan it could certainly be a good boy’s name. Based on some of the comments, and for an American family with no Japanese background, I can see how tenkara could be used as a girl’s name. I suppose it’s just one of those good unisex names if. One of my close friends who is from Japan is named Chikara, which means power; it sounds kind of similar and it is a nice name.
Jason’s wife put a good comment in the thread, saying, “I’m amazed he hasn’t asked me if he could name our next child Tenkara yet :)”. To be honest I can’t say I haven’t thought of naming a future kid tenkara, though I probably haven’t said it out loud. Since for me tenkara is also a business, I may have to separate it from something so personal. For anyone else, I’d say why not?
What do you all think?